CCTV power supply box, also known as security power distribution unit, allows security camera installers to consolidate the power source of multiple cameras to a central point. Combined with RG59U siamese cable or video baluns, wiring becomes neater and easier to manage from one source. Instead of having a power adapter for each camera, all the cameras can be run in to one power supply box. Usually the power box is installed near the location of the DVR. The power supply box are easy to use; simply run your cabling and connect the 2-wire leads from the power portion of your Siamese cable by screwing them down in to the screw-terminal panel inside the cctv power box. Then connect the power box to a standard 110V AC power outlet and installation is finished. No electrician is required for CCTV cabling or powering your cameras. There is no need to have an outlet near your cameras. CCTV Camera World offers two output voltages and many different amperage varieties for power distribution boxes, please choose the one that best fits your cameras.